Portrait of businesswoman holding her tablet computer and communWorkplace Power programs build superior relationships at every level of the virtual team.

We turn virtual team managers into charismatic leaders who know how to move virtual team members from minimal effort to amazing contributions and storming and norming virtual teams into high performance machines.

Is your “office” spread out across the country – or around the globe? That can make it extra-challenging for managers.

We feel your pain, and understand the difficulties you are facing.

Workplace Power programs help virtual team leaders understand the nuances of interpersonal relationships, personal responsibility and success principles. 

Remove blocks to productivity whether those blocks come from the lack of communication and collaboration skills or personal discipline, focus and time management abilities.

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Our areas of service:

Charismatic Leadership

To any worker, but especially to the virtual worker, their immediate manager or supervisor is the company to them. The WPI Leadership by Superior Relationship programs build charismatic and confident virtual managers that employees WANT to follow.

The Leadership by Superior Relationships program builds skills in dialog, listening, and conflict resolution. Instruction also includes creativity training and tips and techniques for understanding and working with difficult personalities.

This four to five day course is customized for your company and can include the following stand alone programs:

Click here for mega-activities perfect for a virtual team building retreat. 

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New Article: Creativity — the Key to Company Growth 

“Great class…very effective. I had 20 general managers to go through the program and they certainly improved. I’ve attended several classes that didn’t have a whole lot to gain. But I gained a lot from yours.”

Danny Hill, Area Supervisor
Somerset Association Management
An Assiocia Member Company


Workplace Productivity

Every virtual team member can improve their productivity. Workplace Power time management programs for virtual teams are filled with tips, tricks and solid techniques to get more done in less time. Learn more about how our productivity course offerings and time management tips and techniques can help your virtual team be more productive, even in tough times. 

Click on the links below to view individual programs. Each virtual team member who internalizes the principles taught in these programs will have more day at the end of their day to do what they want to do.

The Time For Results™ programs include email instruction and Microsoft Outlook tips and techniques. With these dynamic programs you’ll have More Day at the End of Your Day. 


iExpect Success – No-Excuse Personal Development

Daily living is not immune to conflict, misunderstandings, and self-doubt. You need to be constantly reminded to keep your eye on the goal and infuse positive messages into your psychic on a regular basis. These iExpect Success programs help you do just that.

“I just wanted to express my appreciation for the successful work that you recently completed with one of my employees. The individual has undergone a marked and noticeable change. She is becoming a better, more confident and enthusiastic supervisor. The project was money well spent!”
~Tom Bland, IS Manager, Cobb EMC

Personal competence and individual excellence is an important component of organizational success. The iExpect Success professional development programs are designed to build confident and emotionally intelligent employees. They provide the building blocks for emotionally stable employees and a platform for personal excellence. Personal excellence and emotional stability are important to help employees navigate interpersonal relationships on a daily basis and build productive, healthy teams.

Programs are based on Karla’s Book: Wake Up The Winner Inside

February is International Expect Success Month!

Expect Success MonthSponsor a Expect Success Event at your company or government agency and be pleased with the increase of morale, positive attitudes and productivity. For more information, click here or call 770-923-0883. It pays to plan ahead – start NOW for next February!



or.. Design Your Own

Karla is adept at listening to your needs and/or the training requested by your employee surveys and crafting a program that fits those specific requests. Like fitting the pieces of a puzzle together, she customizes learning activities and workbooks to reach your desired goals.

“The managers were thoroughly impressed and gave you rave reviews as an instructor. In addition, they recommended that all of our employees go through the Human Behavior Depuzzler portion of the class.”

Margo Barry, Director – HR
Panasonic Wireless

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