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Karla Brandau is a engaging keynote speaker, a highly sought after trainer, and an insightful coach.
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Charismatic Leadership Consulting

Karla Brandau, Certified Speaking Professional, has taken her infectious enthusiasm for life and her extraordinary expertise, to audiences all across America and internationally from Korea to Portugal.

She is passionate about the power of charismatic leadership to transform organizations, and to bring them into the new paradigm that is the 21st Century. Helping top level employees become the leaders that people WANT to follow is a gratifying contribution to business in 2017.

For more than 25 years, she has delighted audiences and exceeded expectations as she customizes her messages for conference themes and audience needs. She is adept at adding follow-up training programs to a keynote and has products that participants take home with them as gifts, giving individuals a total professional growth experience.

Karla presented LIVE at the TEDx UpperWestSide Event
in New York City on April 26, 2016

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Chief Executive Officer

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Certified Speaking Professional

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Registered Corporate Coach

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Comprehensive Corporate Culture

The content areas listed below contain critical principles for building a corporate culture of collaboration, achievement, and discretionary effort that enable your company to grasp 21st century opportunities. Click on each tab and evaluate how the content, delivered as keynotes and workshops, can improve your leadership skills and your corporate culture. These programs are especially applicable to build the leadership skills of Generation X and Millennials.

Become a Charismatic Leader

To any worker, you as their immediate manager or supervisor are the entire company to them. If they respect you, they will be contribute to the success of the company. If they don’t respect you, they will leave, taking their intellectual property with them. Workplace Power programs and executive coaching sessions help you become a charismatic and confident manager that employees WANT to follow, not HAVE to follow.

A charismatic leader is an individual who is emotionally intelligent, mature, a good listener, fair, thoughtful, organized, trustworthy and can use humor appropriately — to list just a few of the characteristics our leadership programs teach.

Practice the Charismatic Leadership principles and you will become compelling leader with the capacity to inspire and earn the discretionary effort of the people you manage. In addition to personal qualities that make you a standout in your company, our programs teach you how to:

  • Build collaborative teams whether co-located or virtual
  • Have easy and effortless difficult conversations as needed
  • Use facilitation skills to arrive at successful decisions
  • Make teams innovative and competitive

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Leadership Keynotes:  Six Steps to Confidence and Charisma | Diamond Elements for Dynamic Leadership
Blog Posts to Build Leadership Skills: The 2 x 2 Focus Grid | Eliminate Emotional Baggage

The best gift you can receive from your team

Each day when an employee walks in the office door and starts work or begins work from a remote location, that employee makes a choice whether or not to give discretionary effort.

Discretionary effort is the difference between the level of effort, creativity and problem solving one is capable of bringing to a task versus the effort required to just get by or make do and still receive a paycheck.

We work with top level executives and managers to create an environment and culture where discretionary effort can flourish.

The discretionary effort culture is built by charismatic leaders who know how to build productive teams. Increasing charisma and building dynamic teams are the key skills our program enhances and refines.

Corporate in-house programs, and Executive Coaching Available.

Learn more at EarnTheGift.com

Improve Your Productivity and Quit Work On Time

Whether you work in an office building or virtually out of a home office, it is important to plan your work and work hard then QUIT work on time and enjoy your personal life. The Time For Results programs teach you how to focus and control your work flow while STOPPING the
floundering, interruptions, and procrastination.  The Time For Results programs are filled with tips, tricks and solid techniques to get more done in less time.

Learn more about the Time For Results course offerings by clicking on these links:

With these dynamic programs you’ll have More Day at the End of Your Day…guaranteed! 

Keynote.  Live by the 20/20 rule, not the 80/20 Rule

Private Coaching Available. Do you need targeted, specific time management strategies to handle your management workload? Then call 770-923-0883 and ask about our private executive coaching sessions.

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Karla’s New Book

How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort

Written with Douglas Ross, this ground-breaking leadership book explores five management strategies that will EARN you the commitment and energy you want from employees.

They will become your competitive advantage.

Connect Your Audience to Your Message with A Certified Speaking Professional

Karla has captivated and engaged audiences of all sizes – from the Red Dot at TEDx to Boardroom podiums – and can bring the message and motivation of discretionary effort, charismatic leadership and exceptional time management to your team.

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