4 Quadrant Personality Philosophy Program

Since the days of Hippocrates …

4 quadrants of personalities have been identified. Hippocrates called them Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic and Phlegmatic.

Translated into the 21st century, we use the DISC model, or Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.  See others clearly, with 20/20 vision and have more impact by learning the principles of 4 quadrant personality.

Charismatic leaders study 4 quadrant personalities to enable them to observe the subtle nuances of employees and using their knowledge of personality strengths to move teams forward to collaboration, cooperation, creativity, and innovation.

The DISC Model

The DISC model is popular and sold by many companies. It originated from the work of Harvard psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston in the 1920’s. Workplace Power Institute uses the DISC model in leadership training, team building, and professional growth coaching. It provides and in-depth and statistically proven assessment of behaviors. When paired with the 12 driving forces, comprehensive information is provided to leaders who want to improve motivation, morale, and market performance.

Karla Brandau is a licensee of the TTI DISC (Behaviors you can observe) and 12 Driving Forces (Motivations that are hidden from view). Learn more about the DISC model and the 12 Driving Forces and the wide range of assessments available to your organization by clicking here: Insightful and in-depth Information for your organization

DISC Model ‘Light’: The Human Behavior Depuzzler

Often used on a team building retreat, this popular program, Take the Puzzle Out of Personality:

  • Teaches individuals about their strengths and limitations
  • Helps match individual strengths and innate talents with job descriptions
  • Assists in knowing the right individuals to assemble for special projects
  • Improves individual self-esteem, charisma, and relationship skills
  • Is part of a charismatic leader’s tool kit to build morale on a productive team

It consistently pulls rave reviews of “Right on!” “That describes me to a T!” “Oh…now I understand why no one wants me on their team!”

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Take the Puzzle Out of Personality

Human Behavior Depuzzler

Understand strengths and limitationsTaken online, the Human Behavior Depuzzler, is given to participants before they attend the team bulding retreat. At the retreat, each participant receives a graphical representation of their personality mix in a 3X5 picture frame to display on their desk.

The graphics are a source of fun as participants look at the unending Promoter, Planner, Producer and Peacekeeper combinations.

Having a graphical representation of each employee’s personality sitting on their desktop improves communication between employees.

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After you have completed the Depuzzler, we’ll send you a PDF with your results plus a document outlining your results and how best to interpret them.

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