Results Driven Teams

To get true results, teams need personality training, communications skills, and shared experiences.

If you are looking for a team building retreat that actually builds camaraderie and facilitates personal growth, look no further.

“Karla did a terrific job getting our group to see the differences we all bring to the organization. We now have a shared vocabulary to use in describing our behaviors and that has made us more understanding with each other and has strengthened our team. It also helped that we had a lot of fun!”

Susan Harrelson

Many corporate team building retreats resemble a grown up playground and when “recess” is over, there are no connections to real team projects and problems.

Karla believes in having fun…with a results mindset.

She works with you to achieve the exact results you desire from her team building activities. Her Workplace Power programs are are perfect for restructuring & revitalizing teams, getting them up to speed, planning a go-to-market strategy, product launch, or major initiative roll-outs.

Whether you want to celebrate team victories, build trust, boost morale or get to know each other, WPI’s programs help individuals:

  • Assess strengths and individual contributions to team success
  • Improve personal accountability and responsibility
  • Increase commitment to team and organizational initiatives
  • Increase communication and trust between team members
  • Create more than a superficial level of friendship

Popular Programs

Mega Activity: Working for the Soaring Design Research Center

Participants work in the hierarchical, authoritarian environment of the Soaring Design Research Center and are assigned to a specific function: tails, wings, fuselage, assembly, etc.  They have a quota of airplanes for the day and must follow strict rules. When production quotas are not met, reorganization takes place.

In the reorganization, the participants are divided into teams, insuring that each team has people from each area of expertise. They are permitted to make their own production goals, pick a team name, and a team logo. The rules are replaced with mission statement. The entire atmosphere changes as every team member is engaged in reaching their goals.

Participants are delighted when the paper airplanes actually fly. The activity is completed with prizes for the best flying planes.

Mega Activity: Bugatronics

Bugaboos 3 croppedIn this team building activity, Bugatronics, participants are divided into teams and they compete to put their division of the Bugatronics factory on top. They design the “Bugaboos,” write a TV commercial and design a billboard ad. The teams are judged on the quantity of Bugaboos made, the quality of their billboard and the entertainment value of their TV commercial which is performed live at the end of the activity.

The magic of the activity is how hidden talents surface. As participants design bugaboos, make TV commercials and design bill boards, hidden music and art talents emerge in addition to organization and leadership skills.

Prizes are awarded in several categories.

Seeing Others With 20/20 Vision

Human Behavior Depuzzler Oren OppositeA team building retreat comes complete with the personality profile, the Human Behavior Depuzzler, an online personality assessment that helps people know if they operate as a Planner, Promoter, Producer or Peacekeeper.

The assessment and the activities built into the team building workshop will make your corporate team building retreat a smashing success


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