Diffuse Stress and Increase Well-Being

Diffuse Stress & Increase Well-BeingIncrease Well-being and Defuse Stress

Workplace stress can have a profound effect on productivity and engagement in the organization. When stressful factors are coupled with potentially ineffective stress management, stress can become a problem that extends from the individual, to the team, the entire department and the company.

Every human being experiences stress ranging from sickness and anger to mild displeasure with a new company policy. Identifying the signs of and the root causes of stress within the individual and the organization is the first step in designing a strategy to address the issues and create a more healthy work environment where workers flourish.

Since well-being and productivity are dependent on how individuals deal with stressful experiences, the next step is to encourage workers to study and use stress strategies to diffuse their distress. Strategies involve flexibility to see other viewpoints and courage to discuss difficult topics with coworkers. Other strategies are more tactical and involve planning and organizing work so the pressure of deadlines is not overwhelming.

Here are four things to do today to decrease stress and improve well-being as an individual, a manager, or president of a company:

1- Learn More About Stress With These Downloads

Measure Your Stress Document

Measure Your Stress TTI Download

7 Things You’ll Discover About Stress

7 things you discover about stress

2- Order stress assessments for your team or your entire company

One way to attack stress in your workplace is to administer stress assessments so each worker has scientific information on the type of stress they are experiencing. Order stress assessments for every employee. To learn more about the TTI Stress Quotient assessment that assesses 7 areas of distress and to order the assessments for your company, purchase your stress assessment.

3- Schedule a debrief session

After employees have taken the assessment, schedule a debrief in the form of one-on-one coaching, a webinar, or an in-company training program. A debrief helps each worker understand their personal stress assessment and provides information on stress reduction techniques. Reduce Stress in the workplace, contact the Workplace Power Institute and choose your type of debrief.

4- Download and distribute these articles on diffusing stress

Fight Stress – Five Sure-Fire Mental Strategies to Fight Stress

Creative Tension or Tension Stress?

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