Discretionary Effort Leadership

Cover for DEL v3Discretionary Effort Leadership debuts The RossBrandau Discretionary Effort Leadership Model which, if implemented in your organization, gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Based on the forthcoming book, Discretionary Effort Leadership, the Earn The Gift Management Certificate is a leadership training program that teaches managers five levels they can use to earn the gift of discretionary effort from employees. The principles found in Discretionary Effort Leadership move employees from minimal effort to amazing contributions.

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Workplace Power Institute Wins 2015 Leadership Excellence Award

Workplace Power Institute was a distinguished recipient of a Leadership Excellence Award for outstanding achievement in corporate leadership development. The award was announced at the LEAD2016 conference held in Nashville, Tennessee on February 4th, 2016. For more than 33 years HR.com has identified and recognized top leadership organizations and their strategies and solutions in a yearly ranking by appropriate category. This year Workplace Power Institute was recognized for their new book and program, Discretionary Effort Leadership.

Take Your Company into the Future

Written by Karla Brandau and Douglas Ross, Discretionary Effort Leadership, is accompanied by an Earn The Gift Management Certificate of achievement for managers completing the intensive 8-week online and live learning program. The 8-week certificate of achievement program includes:

  • Weekly webinars
  • Weekly accountability triad calls
  • Weekly Q & A calls
  • Five by-invitation-only conference calls with outstanding corporate leaders
  • Access to comments on a LinkedIn Group for discussion
  • Membership to the Discretionary Effort members only site
  • Discretionary Effort Leadership book, additional workbook and reading materials

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Discretionary Leadership chronicles the new work order that is emerging based on a continuous change cycle in the nature of organizational life and the expectations of the workforce.

Revolutions in technology, growth in globalization, endless business mergers and unavoidable marketplace fragmentation have fundamentally changed the nature of organizations.

Author Karla Brandau

Simultaneously a workforce has emerged that is more educated, mobile, diverse and discerning in work and life choices than ever before. Whatever was left of the old industrial age social contract between employer and employee has been torched by the recession and the race to information age profitability. Questions for the 21st century are: What will be the dynamics of the social contract? How much discretionary effort will employees give and what will organizations do to earn that discretionary effort?

Get Timely Answers

When you contract for a leadership development program from Workplace Power Institute, your leadership team will get timely answers to the questions above and learn how to earn discretionary effort from employees.Ross Brandau DEL model 2015

Author Douglas Ross

Author Douglas Ross

The answers are focused in the implementation of the RossBrandau Discretionary Effort Leadership Model and can be facilitated in a four to five day workshop or a six to twelve month onsite program. Organizations can customize the program and choose applicable modules.

Managers Toolkit

The leadership development training is complete with a Managers Toolkit containing mini-lessons and activities with reinforcement tips that can be executed at regular staff meetings.


Need more information about our Earn the Gift Management Certificate program for your company?

In the US, call Karla Brandau at 770-923-0883 or email karla@EarnTheGift.com
In Canada, call Douglas Ross at 706-945-2131 or email doug@EarnTheGift.com