Get To Know Karla Brandau: Keynote Speaker

Karla Brandau inspires individuals to take charge of their careers, become charismatic leaders, and contribute to their organizations.

An an internationally known keynote speaker, author and consultant, Karla is a thought leader with a clarion voice in an often ambiguous environment. She full-glass_edited2marks a clear path to leadership excellence and organizational successes as she challenges leaders to proactively remove organizational obstacles to productivity and employee engagement.

Karla has built a reputation for coaching and mentoring the development of virtual teams and regularly delivers keynotes and workshops on this topic.

Her mission is to inspire individuals with the knowledge and techniques to handle 21st Century workloads while maintaining positive belief in the enormous potential of the future.

This mission led her to found her own company dedicated to building an organization’s most important resource: its people.

Fortune 100 companies, national associations, government agencies and educational institutions look to Karla as a keynote speaker and workshop leader to help them build productive cultures where conflict turns to collaboration and problems find innovative solutions.

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Women in green on Fiesta nightAs a Keynote Speaker, Karla spreads infectious enthusiasm for life while lacing her presentations with humor. She provides real help, not theory, for making goals and dreams a reality. She gives audience members the tools and techniques for professional development that will catapult them to the upper echelon of achievers.

Her books are filled with no-nonsense techniques that give you strategies for instant implementation. Her book, Wake Up The Winner Inside, helps you live with positive expectation. 101 Time Management Tips for Busy Professionals helps you have more day at the end of your day. Ready, Aim, Improve helps you implement change principles into your life. Her workbook series include Easy and Effortless Conversations and Superior Relationships: The Differentiator

Karla in audience 2 WindKarla is reliable, versatile, and easy to work with — a hassle-free speaker — described as high-content, high-energy and highly professional. To her credit, over 85% of the organizations who hire Karla, invite her back for repeat engagements.

Karla is a Certified Speaking Professional – an CSPmedalionearned designation given by National Speakers Association. Only 8% of their membership have received this designation. Karla is a certified facilitator and graduated cum laude from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in education.

As a leading authority on building better business relationships and enhancing organizational productivity, Karla combines an engaging charisma, memorable stories and delightful humor as she works her craft that into a unique style that consistently gets rave reviews.

Karla’s philosophy is that when you live with positive expectation and work as if there is no other option, in a magical, mystical way, success will come to you. It has worked for her and it will work for you as a leader, a manager, a team member, an employee and as a human being!

On the personal side, Karla has been married over 30 years … to the same man. She has three children and 6 grandchildren making her a veteran of living life and surviving in all types of situations. She is a proven commodity when it comes to balancing life and loves Godiva truffles.

Watch Karla in action! Click here for Videos

Karla works conscientiously for your success.
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