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License Time For Results™ Training – Licensing the Program

Time For Results™ time management training is guaranteed to increase the productivity of your workforce and the modules are available for your companyLicensing the Program to license.

The most popular configuration of licensure is Have More Day at the End of Your Day which skillfully gives you the best of both worlds:

  • Solid time management principles plus …
  • Easy implementation of those principles into the technology tool of Microsoft Outlook

The combination brings you increased productivity for each employee.

More productive employees means more dollars at your discretion for organizational needs.

time for resultsIn a recent Time For Results™ program, an engineer was ecstatic that the techniques taught would save him at least 4 hours a week.

Another attendee, a president of a large contracting firm and an avid Blackberry and Outlook user, stated that the Time For Results program would save him 3-5 hours a week as well. He wanted all of his employees to be trained.

With the Time For Results™ program, everyone can find more time.

Compute the Benefits

A person who is paid $55,000.00 a year plus benefits, makes about$37.00 an hour. If that person gains just 4 hours a week, as people who have gone through the program testify, that person has given the company a gift of$148.00 worth of more productivity per week. That is a gift of $592.00 per month and $7,104 per year.

By training just 12 people in your organization in the Time For Results program, you have a potential productivity gain of $85,248.00. Would your bottom line like that kind of productivity gain from just 12 people?

Enthusiastic Recommendations

“I thought I was a power user of Outlook, but I’m going to have to take two days off work just to implement everything this program taught me.” ~ Bill Bentley, Value-Train

“Since the training I have been using my calendar even for personal items which is helping me have a broader perspective of my entire life in relation to my work life” ~ Heidi Schlansker, New South Construction

“The training was very helpful. I especially appreciated the time management tips. I think we could have spent both days on just that.” ~ April Castro, Westminster Schools

“Excellent. I use the time saving features every day.” ~ Dan Wheeland, National Institutes of Health

“From the principles and procedures of this program, I save 4 hours each week, making my work time more effective.” ~ Ed Louie, Motorola

“I really appreciated this program. I am using the tricks you presented every day. They have saved me a couple of hours per week.” ~ Don Rasmussen, Nortel Networks

Time For Results™ Licensure Content

 Manage the Chaos, Bedlam and Pandemonium

This content is filled with tried and true time management principles laced with tons of tips and tricks to get more done in less time. A plethora of topics are covered ranging from:

  • Why it is important to run a time log
  • How to differentiate a master task list from a daily task list
  • When to creatively procrastinate tasks
  • How to prioritize and sort out the vital from the urgent
  • The role that goal setting plays in daily productivity
  • How to stop destructive procrastination
  • Why it is necessary to upgrade decision making skills
  • Upgrading the ability to defend your time and negotiate requests
  • How to find more “closed door” time

This program makes appropriate references to the digital implementation tool of your choice be that Microsoft Outlook, Google Apps, etc.

Read more.

Outlook on Steroids

This is MUST HAVE training to enable your employees to maximize the use of Karla Brandau training managementthe Outlook software loaded on their desktops.

Learners are introduced to advanced features in Microsoft Outlook and to a disciplined process of work flow as tasks come into the Inbox from managers, co-workers, clients and customers.

If employees only use Outlook for email, they are leaving unused about 85% of the power of the software. The 85% of additional power includes the innovative ways the Time For Results program teaches participants to use the Tasks, Calendar, Contacts and Notes folders.

The training modules include:

  • What’s new in Microsoft 2010 including the To-Do List and To-Do Bar
  • Understanding the interconnectivity of the Outlook folders
  • Easy planning and prioritizing techniques in the Tasks folder
  • How to stay on top of deadlines using the Calendar
  • Organizing work in a Calendar appointment or in a Task
  • Pacing your day with the Calendar
  • Customizing the views of Tasks, Contacts, and the Inbox
  • New paradigms for working with Contacts
  • Surviving the avalanche of email that enters the Inbox every day
  • Streamlining how teams work together for a competitive advantage

Read more. 

Surviving Avalanche Email

This Time For Results™ program is taught as a stand-alone-program at  your facility or as a Webinar which can be scheduled at a time convenient for your team members. They can work right from their own personal desktop or laptop without ever leaving their desk.

Read more.

It’s hands-on, practical and immediately useful learning that will improve productivity right away!

Surviving Avalanche Email is a popular workshop for conventions and meetings. Call 779-923-0883 and as about Karla’s availability for your next meeting.


Let technology help you have more day at the end of your day!


“Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It’s not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it’s when you’ve had everything to do, and you’ve done it.” ~Margaret Thatcher


“I was very excited about the class and received great feedback on the training. Comments were made about how helpful the information was and that they could begin using the features they just learned as soon as they got back to their offices.” ~ Shari Fritch, Aegon licensed instructor

By licensing one or both of these programs, you’ll get updated time management techniques to help your employees do more with less, saving your organization thousands of dollars!

Call 770-923-0883 for a personal organizational time management training consultation which will include all of the licensure facts and investment costs. Don’t forget to ask about available time audits and assessments.

Licensure includes

  1. 1-1/2 to 2 days of training to license in-company trainers (depending on the number of trainers)
  2. 5 hours of customization and consultation
  3. Trainer’s manual
  4. Participant’s manual
  5. PowerPoint
  6. E-book, 101 Time Management Tips for Busy Professionals
  7. 20 reinforcement emails sent at 1 week intervals
  8. Life Power Goal setting kit

The train-the-trainer is taught at your facility.

Complimentary preview Webinars for In-company programs or for Licensure

These complimentary previews are posted on Vimeo:

30-minute Manage the Chaos Lunch and Learn Preview

30-minute Outlook on Steroids Lunch and Learn Preview:

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