Take the Puzzle Out of Personality

When you react in predictable ways, do you wonder why?
Do you ever feel like you are a stranger to yourself?
Do you wonder why you can easily relate to some co-workers and why it seems impossible to have a civil conversation with others?   

Take the Puzzle Out of Personality answers these questions and helps participants evaluate their personal behaviors and others’ behaviors from a variety of perceptions and viewing points. Participants learn to value the diversity of personality while building skills to make subtle changes in their behaviors, enabling them to expand their personal influence. In an entertaining way, participants unravel the complexity of human relationships and gain confidence in interpersonal relationships as they learn how to:

  • Identify innate personality
  • Turn difficult people into positive players
  • Respect and utilize individual differences
  • Capitalize on individual strengths

Karla at a personality team building retreat for the Conyers-Rockdale Chamber of Commerce.

Take the Puzzle out of Human Behavior

Taken online, a TTI Trimetrix Behaviors and Driving Forces assessment is given to participants before they attend the program. Each participant receives a graphical representation of their personality mix in a 6 x 4 picture frame to display on their desk, enabling lively discussion and permitting

This personality indicator divides individuals into four different personality preferences and color codes them for easy reference.  The results of the assessment combined with the instruction provides a strong basis for self-evaluation and helps participants take the puzzle out of the behaviors of their coworkers.

Participants learn how to flex their personal style to relate better to “different” individuals. Some of the differences in innate personal preferences explored are:

  • Logic vs. emotion
  • Directness vs. subtlety
  • Results vs. process orientation
  • “Get it done now” vs. “Get is done right”
  • Intensity vs. steadiness
  • Verbose vs. succinct verbal skills

Understanding of the principles taught is cemented while cooperation and teamwork increase with the interactive activities: “Flex Your Style,” “Build the Tallest Tower” and “The Zin Obelisk”.

This program makes an outstanding team building retreat.

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