Creative Change and Innovation at Your Company

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why won’t these employees change?” With this program, you as a manager, can teach team members to embrace change initiatives and use creativity principles to innovate

The 21st Century will be ruled by creativity. The charismatic team leader who is skilled at managing change, can make an indelible mark on the future of the organization.

When it comes to ruling the future, change and creativity are siblings skipping down the sidewalk together. This program makes change part of your organizational culture and helps team members find creative solutions to nagging problems.

Encouraging people who are creative and teaching individuals in your organization how to respond to the challenge of change is a critical component of organizational survival.

With this training, teams discover innovative ways to produce better products as they look for more than one right answer, work with analogies and metaphors, ask different questions, listen to the ideas of others, and open their minds to possibilities. They learn to collaborate.

This program gives charismatic leaders five secrets for creating change-minded employees and crafting the environment for ‘intrapreneurship’ and authentic contribution.

Objective: To teach participants how to embrace change initiatives and use creativity principles to innovate.

Description: Change is a critical part of every organization’s fight to stay viable in the chaos of the 21st Century global workplace. Change impacts every aspect of the company and the employee’s work life. How well organizations and individuals respond to the challenge of change is a critical component not only in organizational economic survival but in individual well-being.

In this presentation, change principles are discussed and participants learn the secrets for implementing successful change initiatives in the organization. They learn how to:

  • Be entrepreneurial minded
  • Use the S-curve phenomenon to their advantage
  • Let go of obsolescence
  • Adjust to the global marketplace and virtual teams
  • Develop “triple vision”

Creativity is the sibling of change and in this program creativity principles are taught to help participantsgenerate ideas, find solutions to problems, and manage challenges in innovative ways.

Participants identify two or three challenges they are currently experiencing. Then, in interactive, hands-on exercises, they apply creativity principles that open the door to innovative problem solving.  “Aha” moments always occur. In an atmosphere of fun and laughs, participants learn how to kick the attitudes that undermine creativity and change.

Creativity and innovation with the Bugaboos activityExperiential Learning: 

To teach and solidify creativity principles, the Bugatronics team building, experiential learning activity is included. In this activity, the participants are divided into teams and they compete to put their division of the Bugatronics factory on top.


They design the “Bugaboos,” write a TV commercial and design a billboard ad. The teams are judged on the quantity of Bugaboos made, the quality of their billboard and the entertainment value of their TV commercial which is performed live at the end of the activity.

Prizes are awarded in several categories.

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