Unlock leadership potential in your organization with leadership development consultant Karla Brandau

Transform your leadership style and become the leader people choose to follow.

As a leadership development consultant and expert in building collaborative and innovative teams, Karla understands your unique journey and knows how to guide you toward success.


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Discover the power of
Discretionary Effort Leadership
with Karla Brandau.

Confidence in True Leadership

Confidence in True Leadership

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the magnitude of leadership and management responsibilities?

If so, you are normal. Each challenge from reinforcing the need to hit target deadlines to inspiring your team to new heights, requires a unique approach.

Karla's true leadership coaching helps propel organization success as you and your leadership team:

  • Understand the discretionary effort concept and how to earn it from employees
  • Leverage the 'Accept As Is' principle and foster psychological safety as key strategies for building connections with employees
  • Become influential leaders who improve the daily touch points with employees to motivate change and propel organizational success
Effective Interpersonal Relationships

Effective Interpersonal Relationships

Do your team members often struggle to connect with and respect each other, especially when several generations work together?

Then bring one of Karla’s exceptional team building programs to your organization.  

Karla’s Seeing Others with 20/20 Vision team building programs build intuitive knowledge of each other. The workshops:       

  • Provide unparalleled experiences that enhance team cohesion, partnerships, and morale  
  • Build the competence in communication and conflict resolution skills of each team member
  • Offer collaboration and creativity activities to improve innovation
Professional & Personal Growth

Professional & Personal Growth

A truth: The Power of One Is the Leadership of One.

Karla’s professional and personal growth for leaders coaching is based on her book, The Leadership of One. Combined with emotional intelligence principles, this coaching transforms you and puts you in an elite circle of achievers.

Empower and Excel with Karla’s Personal and Professional Growth Coaching Programs.

Your personal power is dependent on your ability to step away from the overwhelm of daily activities and embrace a life of purpose, productivity, and fulfillment:

  • Gain self-confidence, charisma and gravitas
  • Use time management principles to be more productive every day and achieve your goals
  • Triumph over stress, guilt and worry by living in the present moment

Karla is a vibrant, energetic speaker. She tailored the workshop to meet the specific needs of my organization.

Sylvia A. Tansill, Director
Planning & Technology, Coca-Cola Enterprises

Thanks for real help, not theory.

Mike Patillo, Director
Home Mission Board

I was very impressed by Karla’s willingness to ‘study’ the materials for the program, the time she took to learn the history of our organization so that she could adequately address our needs, and her sincere effort to make our program the success we needed it to be.

Noelle Larson
Community Associations of Georgia

Your program exceeded my wildest expectations!

Dale Bryson, Chief
US EPA, Region V

Where did you find her? Boy, did we get our money's worth.

Maury Kalnitz, Director
Georgia State Executive MBA Program


I can help you if...

  • you know something needs to change and you’re just not quite sure what.
  • you have an executive team looking to improve management at all levels in your organization.
  • you have a leadership challenge such as employees who are not inspired to give their best.
  • your workplace productivity is at a snail’s pace when you know you have competent employees.
  • you want powerful results in employee engagement, and workplace productivity.

For over 20 years I have been working hand-in-hand with world-class organizations to improve organizational performance. In each custom-designed program, I have taught strategies and techniques that generate extraordinary results. I can help sophisticated managers invent new ways to solve 21st century problems. I invite you to contact me now so I can put my expertise to work for you.

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