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About Karla

Karla Brandau inspires individuals to take charge of their careers and become charismatic leaders.

In the bustling world of leadership challenges and personal growth aspirations, Karla Brandau captivates as a figure of influence. An internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, author, and consultant, Karla stands tall in an ambiguous landscape, guiding people toward leadership excellence and organizational triumphs. In her heart,

Karla holds a profound mission - to inspire individuals with the knowledge and techniques to navigate the complexities of 21st-century leadership while maintaining an unwavering belief in the immense potential of the future.

Fueled by this fervent desire, she founds her own company, dedicated to unlocking the true power of an organization's most valuable resource - its people.

Karla outdoors

Karla reveals the secrets to building productive cultures, transforming conflicts into collaborations, and devising innovative solutions.

Karla Brandau

Fortune 100 companies, national associations, government agencies, and educational institutions use Karla's wisdom as their compass, navigating them through the ever-shifting tides of challenges.

She is a sought-after speaker and workshop leader.

Karla's journey radiates infectious enthusiasm, woven into every presentation, while laughter fills the air as she laces her talks with delightful humour.

Her words offer a promise of tangible results, steering away from mere theories & equipping her audience with the tools and techniques for professional development.

Beyond the realm of leadership and success, Karla holds a precious philosophy close to her heart - to live with positive expectation, embracing every moment as if no other option exists.

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But her magic doesn't stop there.

Karla Brandau

Her books, filled with no-nonsense techniques and strategies for instant implementation, sit on the shelves of eager learners.

"How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort" illuminates the path to implementing true north leadership principles and fuller engagement of employees.

"Wake Up The Winner Inside" whispers the power of positive expectation and how to develop a more charismatic and confident personality that employees want to follow.

"Manage the Chaos, Bedlam, and Pandemonium” helps individuals plan, prioritize, and organize their day in the laser speed of the 21st Century, aiming for a more fulfilling end to their day.

As her story unfolds, Karla's personal life adds another layer of color to her narrative.

She has been married for over 30 years to her unwavering partner, weathering the storms and savoring the triumphs of life together. Three children and nine grandchildren weave her into a seasoned veteran of living, surviving, and thriving in the myriad of life's situations.

Beyond the realm of leadership and professional success, Karla holds a precious philosophy close to her heart...

"to live with positive expectation, embracing every moment as if no other option exists."

This magical, mystical belief serves as her guiding star, propelling her toward success as a leader, manager, team member, employee, and above all, as a human being. Through the lens of Karla's presentations, her clients find renewed enthusiasm for life, fresh techniques to improve productivity and performance, heightened coping skills for the challenges of the 21st century, and increased self-esteem and confidence in their innate abilities.​

Transform your leadership journey

And so, the life of Karla Brandau, the charismatic leadership expert, continues to weave its magic, touching the lives of those eager to transform their life’s journey. Armed with her guidance, they embrace their full potential, building a life of purpose, connection, and extraordinary success.

Karla Brandau