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Purchase the RIGHT Behavioral Assessments 

Behavioral assessments significantly influence the functioning of teams, departments, and entire organizations. They enhance both self-awareness and “other-awareness.”

Assessments are especially crucial for leaders. There’s an old saying that goes “you can’t help others until you help yourself.”

Understanding oneself is the first step toward maximizing one’s potential, which in turn enables leveraging the potential of others to achieve their best.

When everyone achieves their potential, the organization wins. 

Call me to discuss the right assessments for your needs.

DISC Assessment

Get access to the Target Training International DISC assessment for your entire team. The DISC personality training brings amazing understanding of opposite personalities.  Order the assessment and get a personalized report that illuminates your natural style and your adapted style with you go to work or you are with friends. 

DISC behavioral assessmentsLearn about your personality preferences with the DISC behavioral assessment.

Driving Forces Assessment

To complement the DISC assessment, order the Target Training International Driving Forces assessment for every member of your team. The Driving Forces hidden motivators brings in-depth understanding of what motivates each team member. This gives clues to how to use the talents of each member. Order an individual assessment and receive a personalized report. 

Driving Forces Behavioral AssessmentGet to know your hidden motivators.
What drives you to get out of bed every morning?

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Understanding employee engagement in the workplace and on your team, is tied to emotional intelligence. Increase the emotional intelligence of team members and you'll experience more problem-solving dialog versus conflict. Emotional intelligence helps individuals understand how they perceive themselves, how they can express themselves for greater impact, how they can connect at a personal level with others, how they can improve decision making, and how they can improve their over-all well-being by managing stress. This is an impressive assessment with a plethora of ideas for improving personal effectiveness and professionalism. 

EI Behavioral AssessmentSuccess is more about Emotional Intelligence than IQ.

Stress at Work Assessment

Headlines tell us that stress is widespread in the workplace on teams and for individuals trying to cope with life's challenges. Again, Target Training International offers a stress assessment that works magic on teams as it identifies sources of stress. A program or retreat on stress offers solutions.

Diagnosing Stress at Work

Know Before You Hire Assessment

The Target Training International's TriMetrix assessment combines three assessments that assist you in finding the right person to fill vacancies in your organization. Two versions exist: 1-The DISC, Driving Forces, and Emotional Intelligence or 2-The DISC, Driving Forces, and DNA. DNA is an assessment of 24 skills a person has developed over their career. 

 assessments for hiring the right person