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Karla Brandau Coaching

Every human has untapped potential - even you. Invest in yourself now with Karla's Coaching.

You'll develop greater capacity to reach your full potential.

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Karla Brandau

Charismatic Leadership Coaching:

Become the leader people choose to follow

Update Your Management Techniques.

You will move your direct reports out of their comfort zones and forward to amazing contributions as you refine your people skills and polish your emotional intelligence. You'll learn to project charisma through your body language and engage with confidence as you customize daily touchpoints with those you lead.


Your career will be propelled forward as you create an authentic and compelling presence and discover your unique leadership strengths.

What's included:

  • TriMetrix Assessment: DISC, Driving Forces, and DNA.
  • 360-Degree Assessment
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment


Quantum Leap Coaching

Quantum Leap Coaching

Transform Your Team

Choose from content from Karla's Candid Corner or The Leadership of One. Karla's Candid Corner modules on professional presence, life-work balance, and resilience. The Leadership of One contains modules on trust, accountability, delegation and employee engagement. Benefits: Together you and your team will clarify priorities and create a culture of excellence.

What’s included:

  • Six months of weekly sessions
  • Content customized from your chosen modules
  • Book: The Leadership of One


Professional &Personal Growth

So what's your next step ahead?

To maximize Karla's Coaching, book a session now to discuss personal, Charismatic Leadership Coaching or Quantum Leap Team Coaching.


Karla Brandau

Why choose Karla Brandau as your leadership partner?

We understand your leadership challenges because we have been there too. With decades of experience as an internationally known keynote speaker, author, and consultant, Karla has faced and conquered the very obstacles that you encounter in today's fast-paced and complex business environment. Trust Karla to guide you through turbulent waters and unequaled growth. You and your team will benefit from her:

  • Clear path to leadership excellence and organizational success
  • Proven techniques to remove obstacles to productivity
  • Strategies to foster true employee engagement
  • Unwavering belief in a brighter future