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Behavioral Assessment – The DISC and Driving Forces

Develop the highest performing teams in the world with a knowledge of personalities. “Seeing Others with 20/20 Vision” is a program that takes the puzzle out of personalities and helps opposite personalities cooperate and work together collaboratively. Bring this program to your organization if your teams are struggling to connect with one another and if misunderstandings and conflicts slow down your progress.

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How it Works: DISC and Driving Forces


Before the program, each participant is provided with an online TTI DISC and Driving Forces assessment link. After taking the assessment, they receive a 50-page report. At the programs, each participant receives a color-coded graphical representation of their personality in a stylish 6×4 picture frame for setting on their desks. It's not just a keepsake; it's a conversation starter.

Understand Self

Participants discover why they act the way they do and how they can leverage their natural strengths for success and recognize their personality limitations.

Transform Relationships

They learn strategies and techniques to turn even the most challenging co-workers into allies.

Enhance Team Dynamics

Participants learn to value diverse personalities and learn to harness this diversity for team success. Each team needs at least one of each personality type on their team.

Individual Strengths

They learn to capitalize on each team member's innate strengths and listen to each person's unique perspectives.

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Go Beyond the Surface

In the program, you'll explore key differences in human behavior such as:

➡️ Logic vs. Emotion

➡️ Directness vs. Subtlety

➡️ Results-Orientation vs. Process-Orientation

➡️ Quick Action vs. Precision

➡️ Intensity vs. Steadiness

➡️ Verbose vs. Succinct Communication

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Interactive activities like "Flex Your Style," "Build the Tallest Tower," and "The Zin Obelisk" cement understanding of the concepts and encourage teamwork. The result? A transformed work environment where cooperation soars and conflict dives.

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What People Are Saying

Here's what participants had to say about a recent "Take the Puzzle Out of Personality: Seeing Others with 20/20 Vision" session:

✅ "Karla did an excellent job in not just helping us know ourselves but also in recognizing the personalities of others to help them succeed."

✅ "Eye-opening! This is the most insightful information I've received in a long time."

✅ "Karla’s presentation was engaging and high-energy, fostering a relaxed yet highly productive atmosphere."