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Easy and Effortless Difficult Conversations

Karla Brandau

This is an emotional intelligence communication and relationship workshop that is a companion to the DISC and Driving Forces program, "Seeing Others With 20/20 Vision." 

Have you ever wanted to rewind a conversation?

If so, you are human. This program teaches individuals how to avoid conflict in conversations and restart conversations that ended poorly. Participants learn to resolve differences through dialog.

Easy and Effortless Difficult Conversations teaches the subtle nuances of conversation as differences of opinion arise and provides an effective model to get both parties into a problem-solving dialog.

Have You Been "Crashed"?

Diagram of an intersection

Just walking down the hall or even in a virtual meeting, you can be "crashed" by someone criticizing you or putting you down. How do you recover? How do you assert your opinion?

Learn how in this program for even though words flow freely, it is curious how seldom minds meet and how much frustration is felt at misunderstandings. Individual needs are not met and dialog does not communicate nor connect but becomes difficult. Relationships are destroyed and teamwork suffers when conversations end poorly. 

Employees need tools to revisit the conversation and restore healthy interactions using their emotional intelligence. Bring this program to your organization and teach them how to have healthy dialog when having differences of opinion.

Effective Interpersonal Relationships

Discover the Secret To Difficult Conversations that build collaborative teams with Karla Brandau.

In this exceptional program, "Easy and Effortless Difficult Conversations," proven communication and conversation techniques are taught. Building on the understanding of opposite personalities, this program helps participants to understand the subtle nuances of differences of opinions and helps them navigate the differences between emotion-based and logic-based personality types. The information is illuminating and dramatically changes the ability to persuade and influence others.

Easy and Effortless Difficult Conversations Helps Resolve Conflict

Team in coversation

Conflict on a team often destroys morale and productivity. This program turns conflict around and helps participants see the magic that happens when conflict is seen as expected when two people are striving for a solution to a challenge. What if each individual saw conflict as normal and a problem-solving tool that results in a better product or service? This program teaches individuals how to resolve conflict in civilized ways. Four of the steps we dive deep into are listed here.

Know Your Opinion

A difficult conversation starts with knowing your opinion and WHY you have that viewpoint. Once you have clarity on your opinion, you can articulate it to anyone.

Share Your Story

An important element in conflict and difficult conversations is to convince the other person to consider your viewpoint with examples.

Be Assertive

It is important that you use appropriate body language techniques to show assertiveness, but not aggressiveness. Being assertive without being aggressive is an important strategy.

Listen To Their Opinion

Listening is the highest form of respect and frequently in conflict, no one listens. Set the example and listen to them, then comment intelligently.

Go Beyond Lecture: Practice

Group in conversation

This program is highly interactive. Participants learn to:

➡️ State their viewpoint so others will listen

➡️ Articulate the disagreement or misunderstanding

➡️ Listen and learn from the other person's viewpoint

➡️ Analyze blame vs. contribution in difficult situations

➡️ Initiate a difficult conversation in a non-combative way

➡️ Negotiate a way forward

The Crash Card small group activity is an exceptional part of this program. Participants use a series of three "difficult conversations" crash cards and a huge dose of humor when a few snarky comments surface to discover how to handle daily work relationship irritations. They connect the disparate viewpoints with the "And Stance" an them move to resolution.

Karla Brandau

What People Are Saying

Here's what participants had to say about a recent "Take the Puzzle Out of Personality: Seeing Others with 20/20 Vision" session:

✅ "Karla opened my eyes to conflict. I'm now prepared to handle disputes with confidence."

✅ "Wow! What we learned was learned! Tons of information presented in an engaging way."

✅ "This training is amazing. Every principle is tied to a reinforcing activity."