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It's Time For Results!
A 21st Century Time and Technology Program

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Has your organization tried time management program after time management program and your employees are still left wondering how to get it all done?

Then learn the Time For Results principles and you'll get crazy results. You'll learn how to check off a plethora of personal tasks then manage your team for increased productivity.

The full program combines Time For Results productivity principles with the power of Microsoft Outlook technology.

Private coaching is available in person or via zoom.

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Having to Do More in Less Time?

Karla Brandau Time Management

It is no secret that to maintain market share, businesses are politely "asking," aka, demanding employees at all levels increase their productivity. To do this, enhanced time management skill is critical.

It is impossible to create more hours in the day, however, you can maximize the hours you spend working by internalizing time management principles and using technology to your advantage.

With the principles taught in this program, you will leave work or quit work on time if working remotely, with a quiet calmness that you are prepared to be productive tomorrow. Why?

Because this program delivers real help, not just theory or fluff. It teaches leaders and individual contributors how to manage the hours in their day using the Ivey Lee Method for Peak Productivity infused into the technology of Outlook... A WINNING COMBINATION!

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Discover the Planning and Prioritizing Secrets and How to Replace the 80-20 Rule With the 20/20 Rule, a Karla Brandau proprietary principle.

This exceptional training is divided into two parts. Part One, Manage the Chaos, teaches time management principles.
Part Two, Outlook on Steroids, focuses on infusing time management principles into Microsoft Outlook and teaching little known or unused productivity Outlook features.

This instruction shifts mindsets as it teaches success routines, including the 2-Minute Rule, surviving avalanche email, and how to clip, trim, and chop your to-do list down to size.

Outlook on Steroids

You paid a great deal of money for the privilege of using Microsoft Outlook - why not wring every dollar you can out of it? If you and your team are using it mainly for email and for keeping track of appointments and meetings, you are leaving about 85% of the power of Outlook unused. The tips, tricks, and secrets taught in this webinar will put money in your pocket as you get more done in less time, meet deadlines and produce stellar results. Combine this knowledge with Outlook 365 and Copilot and you'll have screaming productivity.


You are in for a transformative experience as you learn how to use the calendar as a workflow tool. Consider yourself a corporate athlete as you manage your energy cycles.

Need to Delegate?

The Assign Tasks feature in Outlook is an amazing, "mistake free," way to delegate tasks and keep track of the progress to the deadline.

Triage Email

If email is the bane of your existence, you need this module. You'll learn to quickly prioritize and process emails and write subject lines that get read. Manage the Flow graph is included.

The Magic of OneNote

OneNote is a complimentary software program to Outlook. It is a terrific tool for managing meetings and tasks. Learn how when you book this program.

Manage the Chaos

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In this program, managers and team members learn how to:

➡️ Take the puzzle out of prioritizing activities and tasks

➡️ Estimate time frames and meet deadlines

➡️ Solve vital vs. urgent dilemmas

➡️ Be proactive and leverage discretionary time

➡️ Manage energy cycles and the ebb and flow of the day

➡️ Overcome mental fatigue

Don't let others gobble up the day. In the training you learn how to negotiate the expenditures of your time and energy when meeting the demands if internal and external customers, clients, and of course, coworkers. You will learn how to work collaboratively with others while minimizing interruptions and moving conversations along from start to finish.

Do you wonder what 3 things you MUST HAVE to manage your time? Would you like to know how to de-weaponize your device? Are you interested in simplifying your life and having work-life balance as part of your daily routine? If you can answer these questions "Yes", then Manage the Chaos can help you.

Karla Brandau

What People Are Saying

Here's what participants had to say about a recent Manage the Chaos program:

✅ "You have so much energy and put so much effort into your you have such a sparky personality." - Terrell K.

✅ "This is the most productive class I've taken. Your program exceeded my wildest expectations!" - Dale B.

✅ "Where did you find her? Boy, did we get our money's worth. She was totally engaging." - Maury K.